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Want to start feeling good, doing what you enjoy, and living life confidently? Find out who you really are with Origins. Gain insight into your mental health and discover the personal development tools that help you grow. Become the best version of yourself with the Origins app.
Origins Dare to Be

Our app is about you!

It is not easy to get to know yourself in a world full of noise, stimuli, and expectations. By using the Origins app regularly, you will always gain new insights. This way, you know better who you are, make better choices, and better understand what you want to achieve in your life. And with such a strong foundation, you can take targeted steps that are good for your development.

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Modules in the app


It all starts with insight. This test provides you with accurate insight into your personality traits based on the Big Five personality theory. You will also discover how your personality aspects affect your life, work, and relationships.

Relationship constellations

This module helps you visualize relationships – such as work, family, and friends – and discover the associated dynamics and patterns. With this practical method, you can gain incredible insights.


By regularly registering how you are doing, you will gain more insight into your emotions and become more aware of your feelings. By also recording your activities, you discover patterns in your habits, and you get more control over your daily mood.

Core values

Do you know your core values? This module helps you determine your 10 most important core values. Core values ​​define what you stand for as a person. If you know your core values, it helps you to make better and more conscious choices in your life.

The idea behind Origins

We are a small but powerful team with a passion for psychology, philosophy, and science. The idea behind Origins started with our own interests and experiences.
By discovering the origin of our being and learning to be OK with that, we have found more balance among ourselves. And we want to share that feeling! We encourage you to become the best version of yourself.
To understand yourself is to know the way your mind works. It is comprehending why you behave and react in specific ways. If you manage to accept yourself, you will be much stronger in life. We believe in you. Dare to Be!